We are a leading Service Provider of registered office change services, alteration in moa services, wind-up of company services, wind-up of llp services, remove directors services and corporate compliance services.

◉︎Appointment of Director
◉︎Removal of Director
◉︎Pvt.Ltd.Windding up
◉︎LLP Winding up
◉︎Increase Authorized Capital
◉︎Registered Office Change
◉︎Change Company Name
◉︎MOA Amendment of Pvt.Ltd
◉︎MOA Amendment of Public Limited
◉︎MOA Amendment of Section 8

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A lot of companies thought they implemented optimum compliance systems but learned after the intense regulatory scrutiny that they really did not. In Compliance, there is always room for improvement and continuous improvement never stops. IVEC follows the methodology of continuous improvement in the existing compliance systems and processes to maximize the benefits available under current regulatory environment, introducing the best industry practices, improving the cash flow and profitability, and reducing the risk of regulatory action.


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